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Medication Services

To ensure each one of our patients is confident in their medication regime, our staff can meet with you to review any of your prescriptions and provide tips on side-effects, usage, impacts when paired with another prescription or over-the-counter product and how it can help you. Additionally, generic drugs are available and are just as safe and effective as their brand-name counterparts. Hundreds of prescriptions are available in generic form usually costing you less. We also offer...

  •  Adherence Packaging

  •  Medication Synchronization (arrange ALL your medications to be due on one day)

  •  Medication Therapy Management Services and drug utilization review

  •  Personalized Consultation from our experienced pharmacists

  •  Extensive inventory of medications to provide you with all your medication needs

  •  Prescription Insurance Review

  •  Bubble packing for nursing homes

  •  Up to 3 months refills on your monthly medications for travel purposes

  •  Medicare part D assistance: Our team help you to choose the best plan to cover all your medications and     save money


Getting the right vaccine at the right time is an important part of staying healthy. Our pharmacists will explain the benefits, possible side effects, overall effectiveness, and the proper dosing/series requirements for each vaccine. We will also communicate with your healthcare provider to ensure that your health records are updated accordingly. Each family member will be provided with vaccine schedule so you can always stay up-to-date with your vaccines. Whether it's a seasonal flu shot or a vaccination for pneumonia and etc. we can help. We offer vaccines for children, adolescents, teens and adults. It's easy to bring your family and get them covered, all on your schedule. 

For those traveling abroad, travel vaccinations are also available. Our immunizing pharmacists are certified to administer vaccines with comfort and professionalism. In addition, they are compliant with guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and are CPR certified. We take pride in delivering the very best care possible for your family. Be sure to choose a certified pharmacy for your family’s future vaccinations. We gladly accept patients with various health insurance plans. Walk-ins and appointments are welcome.

Vaccinations available at Woodland Hills Rx pharmacy are as follows: 

  • Flu (Influenza)

  • Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria)

  • Tdap (Whooping Cough)

  • Meningitis (Meningococcal)

  • Pneumonia (Pneumococcal)

  • Chickenpox (Varicella)

  • HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

  • Hepatitis A (Hep A)

  • Hepatitis B (Hep B)

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)

  • Polio

  • Shingles (Herpes Zoster)


Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a disease in which your body cannot use all the glucose that it produces, resulting in a condition known as hyperglycemia or “high blood sugar”. Untreated diabetes increases your risk for many other health problems, such as: Heart Attack, Stroke, Poor Circulation (and related problems), Eye Problems (including blindness), Kidney Damage (including kidney failure), Nerve Damage, Skin Diseases, Gum Disease (and other mouth-related problems), Foot Problems (often caused by nerve damage and poor circulation) Whether you need a single blood sugar test or a series of consultations, Woodland Hills Rx Pharmacy can provide you with the following services by diabetes certified pharmacists:

  • Blood sugar testing

  • Hemoglobin A1c Screening

  • Diabetes Management Consultation

  • Providing FREE Diabetes supplies such as Blood Glucose

  • Monitoring devices and test strips

Diabetes Care

Blood Pressure Screening

Blood pressure is a measure of how hard your blood is pushing out against the walls of your arteries and veins. High blood pressure (or hypertension) directly increases your chance of stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney problems, and other complications. The longer your blood pressure remains high, the greater your risk. Our pharmacists at Woodland Hills Rx Pharmacy can measure your blood pressure, explain what these numbers mean, and suggest changes you can make to your lifestyle to bring those numbers down. In addition, we will work with you and your doctor to review any medications that you are taking to ensure that you are getting the most from your treatment.

Blood Pressure Screening

Medication Therapy Management

Woodland Hills Rx Pharmacy offers “Medication Therapy Management” program in which our pharmacists work with you to thoroughly review all of the medications you are taking, your health history and your unique needs and preferences to ensure that you are receiving the best possible results from your medications. Medication Therapy Management refers to the partnership created between you and your pharmacist to improve the quality of your healthcare and the quality of your life.

How does the program work?

Medication Therapy Management involves:

• An initial information-gathering office visit with your pharmacist

• The creation of a personalized care plan outlining your individual health-related treatments and goals

• Continuous follow-up by your pharmacist to monitor your progress, your medications, and your health

• Health education about your medications and your medical conditions

Medication Therapy Management

Smoking Cessation Support Program

Smoking isn’t just a habit; it’s an addiction. Smoking affects almost every system in your body. Smoking causes ulcers to worsen, complicates diabetes control, and increases your risk of heart disease. In addition, your body suffers from poor blood flow due to the nicotine in tobacco. Nicotine addiction makes it a challenge to quit smoking, but many new options exist to help you. 

Woodland Hills Rx Pharmacy offers you support when you decide to quit. We gather information about you and your health and help you build a plan to succeed. We tailor strategies and smoking aids to your needs. With your selected quit date decided, we’ll prepare you for potential roadblocks and give you ways to get around them. When you quit, we’ll be there to help lessen withdrawal. We’ll help you pick out the best nicotine replacement product for you and discuss other options that are available. We will focus on your specific concerns, such as weight gain or relapses and answer any questions that you have. 

Under a doctor’s protocol, we will help you decide if and which medication would help you successfully quit smoking. We will teach you the 5 steps recommended by the CDC and help you count down to your quit date and be the first to congratulate you on your success. If you smoke, don’t wait. Contact the Woodland Hills Rx Pharmacy today!

Smoking Cessation Support Program

FREE Prescription Delivery/Shipping

​When you can’t get to us, Woodland Hills Rx delivers to you, FREE OF CHARGE, throughout Los Angeles and other near by cities. Our friendly, trusted drivers will bring your medications right to your door. It’s our pleasure to make your day a little easier. Call us now to schedule a delivery. If you live outside our delivery service area, we can promptly ship your prescriptions to you. 

Please talk to pharmacy personnel for limitations.

FREE Prescription Delivery/Shipping
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