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Pharmacist-in-Charge / Manager

Shahab was born and raised in Tehran,Iran. Being an honor student made him enter pharmacy school at the age of 18. He graduated Tehran University Pharmacy School in 2006. He found great opportunities in clinical pharmacy and achieved development of new methods in assessing patients compliance in drug regimens and published few articles in the field of clinical pharmacy.He has four years of work experience in reputable Pharmaceutical companies like Novartis and MerckSerono as a medical liaison.He migrated to USA in 2013 to follow his dreams.He started his Pharmacy Internship in UCLA outpatient pharmacy.After getting his Pharmacy License he started his job as pharmacist in charge and pharmacy manager in Westside Medical Pharmacy in West Los Angeles area.After a while he decided to start his own pharmacy and established Woodland Hills Rx pharmacy in 2018 to provide individualized care to the patients. He believes in patients care more than anything else.

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